IDT Conferences and Retreats

Conferences are held every even year, and Retreats every odd year.

  • Conferences consist of experiential and thought-provoking presentations ‘about’ IDT.
  • Retreats consist of structured time to have lots of IDT sessions on ourselves.

This year, IDT is hosting a number of one-day events in both Australia and New Zealand. Planned to take in a full day (8.30am to 5pm), these gatherings provide an opportunity for widening your IDT knowledge base and practising new IDT applications, as well as the normal discussion, reflection and informal networking that occurs at these events.


Australian IDT Conference

Future conference dates to be advised


With over 6 years of IDT training throughout Australia and two recently accredited IDT Australian teachers, there are many IDT practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the use of the IDT modality. An Australian IDT Conference includes presentations by IDT graduates on their experience and IDT casework, particularly, within an Australian cultural context.

Call for Presentations:

A ‘Call for Presentations’ is now open to IDT graduates – this is a superb opportunity for IDT practitioners to promote their own practice and contribute to the work of the Australian IDT community. We have kept all presentations to 30 minutes so as to maximise the number of presentations.

You don’t have to be an expert to make a presentation. It is your level of interest and enthusiasm for the IDT way of working that is of most relevance. Note that completion of the IDT Foundation Course is a prerequisite for all attendees so all presentations are requested to include a relevant IDT activity.

All presentations can take the form of:

  • A 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes hands-on IDT activity.
  • An interactive discussion aper (30 minutes).
  • An experiential workshop (30 minutes).

Presentation equipment such as whiteboard, power-point facility and overhead projector will be provided along with drawing boards, crayons, paper etc.

Please keep your abstract to no more than 300 words and no less than 100 words. In addition to the descriptive text, please give a clear title to your presentation; identify what sort of presentation you are proposing; give your name and contact details; provide a brief comment about when/where you did your IDT training and your current use of IDT; and what equipment you need for your presentation. Please ensure your proposal is clearly IDT-focused. Note that a compilation of all abstracts will be issued to Conference participants. However, as a presenter, should you require special equipment or presentation-related handouts (to be distributed), these must be provided at your own expense.


2013 New Zealand Retreats – “Self Care”

Palmerston North: Saturday 10 August 2013 – Awatea Park Conference Centre, 243 Fitzherbert Avenue; Facilitated by Gillian Hunt

Auckland: Saturday 28 September 2013 – St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby; Facilitated by Russell Withers

Fran and RussellThis year’s one-day, non-residential retreats are located in three main centre’s to provide IDT graduates with a time and cost efficient way of remaining connected to the IDT community. These Retreats are designed to support the IDT graduate with an occasion to have guided self sessions along with deepening and broadening your IDT learning. As these are experiential events, a minimum prerequisite for attending an IDT Retreat is completion of the two-day Unit One course.

Lead an IDT Session:

An opportunity is available for Foundation Course graduates to lead a 10, 20 or 30 minute activity. As an IDT graduate with something of value to offer, we encourage you to become involved. The IDT Teacher looking after the event is experienced and will look after you in your preparation and delivery.

Click here for more information about the 2013 Palmerston North Retreat.

Click here for more information about the 2013 Auckland Retreat.


Reflective comments and feedback from previous conferences and retreats:

“The warmth of everyone and the feeling of being welcomed into the IDT family and being at home. I came hoping for a little soul nourishment maybe a cracker, wow I left having received and partaken in a banquet. The realness and visibility of everyone; the laughs; the connections made; the power of the page and its ability to get me or my partner past the superficial and to go deeper; the renewed interest in this modality and motivation to do further IDT training”.

“Fabulous, what an amazingly welcome folk. Was very moving, the accommodation was fantastic”.

“For me, it was a pleasant surprise to discover there was an opportunity to do personal work as part of the experiential component of the idt presentations. It was also very lovely to meet other people using idt in their work, and have the chance to get to know so many friendly people, and also to re-connect with others I have met on previous trainings. Thank you”.

“The Conference was its usual great mix of being immersed in the IDT community, of deepening my learning about IDT, of networking, of basking in the delightful spirit of the Tauhara Centre and of enjoying lots of laughter with other IDTers. A thousand thanks to all the organisers who made it such a great experience”.