Advanced Course

LighthouseAs an IDT Foundation Course graduate, you’ve experienced the depth, speed, power and delight of IDT, and now you’re ready for more…

The IDT Foundation Course gave you techniques that work well with relatively cooperative, motivated and resourced clients. The IDT Advanced Course is aimed at practising professionals, and takes you much further. It provides an in-depth exploration of the therapeutic process, the different set of therapeutic tasks and challenges requiring different sorts of therapeutic intervention. The Advanced Course is a robust hands-on experiential training; we don’t just talk about the therapeutic process, we enter into the process ourselves.

The Advanced Course will inform, protect, personally and professionally inspire you, significantly widen your IDT repertoire and increase your skill, confidence and ability to work effectively with your clients.


Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the stages of the therapeutic process and the value and ‘cost’ of each stage
• Accurately read which stage the client is at
• Anticipate the stage-specific risks and dangersSteering wheel
• See the big picture and not get caught in client content
• Select the most effective IDT interventions for each stage and therapeutic task
• Learn to adjust your pitch, timing and manner to suit the work at hand
• Match session management to stage requirements
• Expand your ability to bring safety and containment
• Know which therapeutic tasks to attend to
• Learn how to work at deep levels with sub-personalities, archetypes, metaphor and symbol


Professional Outcomes:

• Increase your skill, confidence and success in facilitating client change
• Gain personal and professional insight
• Extend your range of IDT applicationsFerry boat
• Bridge cultural and language differences
• Gain expert like-minded peer support
• Become a listed IDT Counsellor
• Progress toward becoming an accredited IDT Supervisor
• Meet one of the pre-requisites for Teacher Training
• Become involved in IDT research and development


What the Research Shows

A study* of 235 IDT graduates showed that Advanced Course graduates were far more likely to be confident and effective in using IDT (p.18). “IDT [was] seen to be useful for a wide range of presenting issues … particularly when practitioners are sufficiently skilled in its use, and able to deal with client resistances. Both of these factors highlight that intending practitioners should undertake more advanced training, as currently provided” (p.29).

*A Practitioner Survey of Interactive Drawing Therapy as Used in New Zealand by Hans Everts and Russell Withers, published in the NZ Journal of Counselling, 2006 (26/4)


What Previous Advanced Course Participants Say:

“Connects and strengthens, consolidates and deepens, integrates and operationalises the application of IDT to clinical practice”

“Do this training if you want to develop a safer cutting-edge therapy that truly honours the client and their work, while providing a framework for you as therapist to not get ‘involved’ in their stuff, and subsequently experience overload or burnout”

“A powerful combination of experiential work, personal processes and progress, and a very solid theoretical base which has been very deepening and extending of my understanding about therapy. I feel I learned more thoroughly than I ever have before about processes and the appropriate way to be as a therapist at each stage. This course has taught me a lot about working at great depth with people”.