Foundation Course

IDT offers a page-based way of working with words, images and feelings to access different parts of the clients psyche. Your starting point for IDT training is the Foundation Course, which is open to both professional and non-professional ‘helpers’. This course is a hands-on experiential training course comprised of two 2-day units.

DoorwayUnit One:

  • Introduces the basic method and principles of IDT.
  • Present IDT’s basic principles, method and clinical frameworks.
  • Help participants become aware of the hidden messages in the client’s words, images and behaviour.
  • Provide reliable guidelines for constructive intervention using IDT

Unit Two:

  • Introduces the different levels of work and outlines the IDT map of the therapeutic process.
  • This unique map of the stages of the therapeutic journey to guide you through the tasks , challenges, risks and interventions of work that clients can access.
  • Each stage is outlined so as to increase practitioner effectiveness and ability to work safely.


What Previous Foundation Course Participants Say:

“This course has allowed me to ‘join the dots’ and make connections between the other modalities I do. It has provided a structure that I am excited about using in my work”.

“I see IDT as a tool that has endless possibilities. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new way of working with students clients. Very informative, practical and relevant”.

“This course was insightful, informative, challenging and proved to be a very workable and likeable theory which appears to cater for all of life circumstances. It is beautifully nonthreatening to client or therapist”.