Intermediate Course

As clients spontaneously layer themselves onto the page, they can be seen to move through seven distinct ‘levels of work’ (not to be confused with IDT’s seven ‘stages of change’ covered in the Advanced Course). The seven levels comprise:

Four primary levels:Oil rig

  • Presenting Issues ~ current
  • Associate Issues ~ historic
  • Underlying Issues ~ unmet needs
  • Intrapsychic Issues ~ sense of self

plus, three intermediate levels:

  • The client’s story
  • Parts work (at mid level)
  • Archetypal scripts

Each level brings a different degree of depth of work, and client readiness to proceed or not. The three-day IDT Intermediate Course captures the detail and changing tasks of these seven levels, guides participants to accurately recognise which level the client is available to work at, and how to shape appropriate level-specific interventions.

SharksAlthough one of IDT’s general principles is to “work as deeply as the client presents”, there are certain client conditions where keeping the work simple and pragmatic is to be preferred. The deeper the work becomes, the greater the need for structure, safety and effective support. The Intermediate Course focuses on building the counsellor’s resourcefulness and confidence for entering the client’s unknown depths, and keeping clear boundaries between the clients’ work and the counsellor’s work. By the end of the IDT Intermediate Course, participants will be able to work effectively and professionally at all seven levels. The course includes constructive self-and-peer feedback, and will build confidence to recognise and address the different levels of work that all clients bring.



What Previous Intermediate Course Participants Say:

“The intermediate course solidified some of the places I was floundering in. Feel better equipped with below the LINE work”.“Extremely helpful, informative and affirming. It reinforced knowledge from the foundation course in a very structured and simplistic way. Hence working the triangle as we work through the seven levels to go deeper or to know where client is, is very safe and effective”.

“The last 3 days have inspired me to use IDT as my predominant mode of practice. Previously I have “worked” to use IDT but now I feel more appreciation for the process and a desire to be passionate to use it”.

“This is a course that will open your senses/wisdom and knowledge. Come to this course with openness and embrace what you discover. You will meet yourself in different ways”.