Welcome to Interactive Drawing Therapy

New Websites have been created for the New Zealand and Australian IDT businesses.

For New Zealand please visit: www.interactivedrawingtherapy.co.nz

or email info@interactivedrawingtherapy.co.nz

For Australia please visit: www.interactivedrawingtherapy.com.au

or email info@interactivedrawingtherapy.com.au


Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) is a powerful modality or ‘way of working’ with clients, used by thousands of New Zealand and Australian service providers in ‘the helping professions’.

Interactive Drawing Therapy Limited (IDT Ltd) is a private training establishment (PTE). Established in 2003, IDT Ltd organises and provides training courses and services using the learning and modality of IDT.

Our inspiring carefully developed, skills-based training courses have earned a consistently high reputation for delivering quality, user-friendly, results-based, value-for-money outcomes that are guaranteed to rapidly improve your professional effectiveness and provide you with special tools for assessment and strategic intervention.

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