IDT Business License

A Unique Business Opportunity to Own and Operate an IDT Centre

We are pleased to invite ‘Expressions of Interest’ from investors interested in the opportunity to operate their own an IDT licensed area within New Zealand, Australia or other countries.

Russell ClassroomIDT is widely acclaimed as an outstanding and effective practice, used by a diverse range of ‘helping professionals’ and service organisations. IDT has been presented at international conferences, is university researched and academically published.

With 15 years of a proven track record of financial, academic and clinical success, an IDT license offers a secure, satisfying and rewarding business opportunity with substantial capacity for growth.

If you or a business colleague would like information on this opportunity, please open the following link for more information. Click here to open our Expressions of Interest Invitation 2013 invitation.


IDT Research

Expressions of interest are invited from experienced researchers.

As a relatively new modality, IDT needs research and commentary that can be presented to an enquiring profession. Areas of potential enquiry include:

  • Evaluating whether IDT is safe, effective and enduring with discrete client sectors – hopefully to produce ‘proof’ that IDT is credible.
  • Selected comparison of the theory and practice of IDT and how it fits in with academic and professional expectations.
  • Case work examples: inspiring and uplifting stories of the client’s perspective on how IDT brings about substantive change.
  • The IDT method reliably produces significant client-generated insight – considered to indicate a particular neurological activity that has a transformative influence for the client. If certain IDT practices can reliably produce these insights and psychological gain, then a neurological description about that would be an important contribution to our understanding of how the mind can be enlisted to resolve trauma.
  • Besides the benefits of the IDT method, IDT postulates a generic ‘stages of change’ process which, from both a theoretical and practitioner view, needs more formal research for it to be checked and verified.

All IDT training courses are provided with substantial course manuals which contribute to an explanation of IDT theory and practice. You can access existing IDT publications here.


IDT Teacher Training

Create Your Future – Become an Accredited IDT Teacher

IDT graduates and experienced practitioners are offered the opportunity to become part of a select group of senior IDT practitioners that enjoy being paid to teach IDT. The comprehensive IDT Teacher Training Programme will prepare you to teach at IDT Foundation Course level.

Russell Class PictureWith increasing ‘off-shore’ interest in IDT, opportunities exist for becoming an accredited IDT teacher and/or obtain an exclusive business license. Training to become an IDT teacher is therefore both a career and investment option. Once accredited, teachers will (with suitable contracts) have the option of initiating their own workshops in overseas countries, or offer their services to established licensed IDT course providers.

If IDT inspires you, and you think you would make a great IDT teacher, then we invite you to contact the IDT Office.