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Articles in the following publications are reprinted with kind permission of the Editors : New Zealand Journal of Counselling:

  • 2006 Volume 26 Number 4
  • 2009 Volume 29 Number 2

New Zealand Association of Counsellors, PO Box 165, Hamilton, New Zealand


Withers R. Interactive Drawing Therapy Working with Therapeutic Imagery NZJC 26-4 2006 pp1

Everts H. & Withers R. A Practitioner Survey of Interactive Drawing Therapy as Used in New Zealand NZJC 26-4 2006 pp15

Stone. C & Everts H. The Therapeutic Use of Metaphor in Interactive Drawing Therapy NZJC 26-4 2006 pp31

Withers R. The Therapeutic Process of Interactive Drawing Therapy NZJC 29-2 2009

Withers, R. (2008). The use of imagery and metaphor when working cross-culturally. 2008 International Asia Pacific Rim Counselling Conference Presentations Disc: 4-9.

Everts, H. & Zhang, W. (2012). Interactive Drawing Therapy and Chinese Migrants with Gambling Problems. Online First, SpringerLink


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