Conference Group“After 20 years in Mental Health I’ve found a method that fits with my personal ethos”

“It is wonderful for bringing resolution for hard to define emotional pain and childhood issues”

“IDT is like a light bulb going on that I didn’t even know was out”

“I cannot lie about my feelings when I do IDT”

“I have found it very useful to add to my tool box as an Occupational Therapist. It gives me the opportunity to address clients who appear to have blockages”

“There have been a large handful of activities that would be extremely beneficial for my clients with Intellectual Disability”

“I found it very informative and look forward to using it as part of my work with families”“I found this incredibly helpful for my spiritual direction practice”

“Amazing! So excited by it and how much it brings the deep level of internal and unconscious to the surface”

Drawing 1“I found it exciting and fascinating. Opened up areas of great usefulness even with my childcare centre”

“Can see how this could be a fantastic tool for work, school, family and church”

“This is a course that will open your senses, wisdom and knowledge. Come to this course with openness and embrace what you discover”

“This course was insightful, informative, challenging and proved to be a very workable and likeable theory which appears to cater for all of life circumstances”

“I feel that I’ve had the richest and most exciting knowledge that I have ever studied since my psych degree days. No other therapy is so comprehensive – feels so right”

“Since doing Unit One I have been doing a great deal of IDT with a boy who has severe developmental delay and extreme visual/tracking problems. He is now working independently at a much higher level and his tracking has come right. His parents and teachers cannot believe it. I truly don’t know what happened, but that the therapy worked!”

“I really notice how much more quickly clients move forward in their healing with IDT”

Lecture Group“It has a lot of potential for my work with young males in group work”

“I found this course has provided me with some exceptional tools working with young people, learning and behaviour”

“I see IDT as a tool that has endless possibilities. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new way of working with clients”

“Some of these clients have been stuck on issues for years and were so pleased that they themselves were able to work at their own pace safely”

“Great, like a breath of fresh air. Very creative. I love the visual element. Unlocked things I didn’t expect”

“It almost feels like a magical formula. I have found it surprising and refreshing; a new media for the art of counselling. I love it”

“In 20 years of training and working as a counsellor this is the most useful and enabling course I have ever attended with regard to professional, group, and personal development. I give it my unreserved recommendation for any therapist of counsellor”

Drawing 2“The trust of the client seems to come very quickly when they see this is by their direction, is not interpreted by the therapist, and in turn allowing a depth to be reached to their own level very quickly”

“I think IDT is the best psychological tool that I have found and I have been working in the social welfare industry for 30 years”

“I like that IDT is portable and works across all ages/gender/cultural groups”

“IDT is a little miracle – a universal therapy which I feel crosses the bridge of age, ability, ethnicity, willingness, and engages with ease and safety”

“This course has been the most useful course for my practice. Deep level work. No hiding from issues. Value for money. Love the process. Maps to work by. Valuable tool – both personally and professionally. Clear guidelines to work by. The sky’s the limit”

“It’s exhausting, challenging, scary, and deeply rattling of what I thought I knew. It somehow also dramatically increases the quality of my work with clients, gives me deep confidence in my practice, and provides a great boost to addressing my own issues”

Conference Chairs“It is beautifully nonthreatening to client or therapist”

“I am using IDT with AOD clients in recovery and after rehabilitation. Many have experienced counsellors, psychologists and some have had psychiatric sessions. Every person that I have used IDT with keep saying how they have never before got this much out of a counselling session”

“We are finding that IDT opens up a pathway of communication for some of our less verbal clients”

“I saw one of my most difficult clients today and used IDT for the first time with her and it worked better than anything else I’ve tried”

“The use of IDT in the palliative care setting is amazing. It has been particularly useful so far with brain tumour patients, the bereaved, and those patients new to Hospice and children”

Drawing 3“I have found this course realy inspiring. I really like the gently being alongside process. Really effective and I I will put this into my practice. Some therapeutic ‘wow’ moments”

“It has taken me into such a safe and creative space to be able to meet clients more efficiently and effectively”

“My disability is cerebral palsy. IDT has changed my life spiritually as well as for daily living. I’ve been able to work through issues quicker and more thoroughly. A very important outlet for me. My spiritual growth has been amazing. Being able to watch it in my drawings has been awesome”

Last updated 17 April 2013